Athletic Handbook

St. David's School Mission

St. David's is an independent school in the Episcopal school tradition that prepares young men and women for college and life by challenging them to excel in the vital areas of faith, virtue and knowledge.

Athletics Department Vision Statement

St. David’s will offer dynamic physical education instruction and competitive sports programming for the positive and personal development of our students and for the long-term success of St. David’s School. Our objective is to fulfill the school’s mission by using our gifts and talents to strive for excellence through athletics.

Athletics Department Philosophy

St. David’s believes that taking part in individual and team sports is an integral part of the development of young men and women and provides a wholesome physical outlet following a rigorous academic schedule. Athletic participation promotes desirable attitudes toward the importance of team work/team unity, social growth and leadership of each individual, and preparation for the responsibilities of adult life.

Coaches, participants, and parents should strive at all levels to develop and display the attitudes of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, dependability, good work ethic, self-discipline and loyalty to teams and school. Winning and losing at this level is important only when considered in the context of how we play the game and how we represent ourselves and our school under the pressure of competition.